That’s why wordpress is so popular!

If you want to create a blog, there are several ways to choose a blogging platform. WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal and many others are the major blogging platforms. Anyone can instantly create a blog because there are free publishing sites with great features. WordPress is one of the favorites of the new bloggers. This platform offers each individual a competent tool for publishing ideas and products.

WordPress is considered the most reliable blogging software available in the world of website creation. It has been on the market since 2003 and is known worldwide. It’s the safest, most reliable, and most adaptable choice for web designers and developers looking to build websites.

The popularity of WordPress represented by search trends is reflected in the usage rates of Content Management System (CMS), with WordPress being used almost ten times more often than its closest competitor, Joomla. While WordPress uses 26.7% of the sites that use the platform, Joomla is used by about 2.8% of the sites.

As the WordPress community grew and as more and more people created WordPress sites for different purposes, only the latest version of statistics could highlight the actual size of the content management system. About 26% of the world’s websites use WordPress. This number is expected to reach 30% in a few years. Not only is WordPress the most popular option for publishing content on the Web, it is also the fastest growing CMS. This is simply the most popular option for creating websites.

that's why wordpress is so popular

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) designed to help you organize and display the content of your website. What counts as content? Everything that appears on your site, from the header of your company name to your contact information for your blog posts and training videos. If it’s on your website, it’s the content. Whether you’re developing a website, creating a business, or creating an ecommerce portal or website, you need a solid platform to build that website. And WordPress offers you such a platform with all the necessary tools and related topics. In addition, WordPress is very popular because of its content management system because you can upload content to your website right away.

It is easy to use

This is the main reason for the popularity of WordPress, the simple and intuitive interface. As a result, the time required to add new messages, images, and pages takes a relatively short time. Due to the reduced formatting time, this additional time can easily be used for other tasks.

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Easy access

WordPress is browser based. You can easily access your web site and manage it from any laptop or computer as WordPress installation is no longer required. As long as you have the right internet connection, you have easy access. All you have to do is enter the credentials.

Global accessibility

Because WordPress is an open source CM system, it is available to the online community for free. Not so long ago, creating a personalized CMS would have taken a lot of money and effort. As mentioned earlier, there are free WordPress themes. Of course, if you’re using your own domain and want to use additional features, you’ll need to spend money. For sure. You do not have to change or re-create WordPress because it is freely available and customizable. There are many users as well as supporters of the CMS platform. It is updated regularly to provide different types of functions. The incredible WP support team is another important factor in the popularity of WordPress. Because it is an open source CM system, the source code used in WordPress is publicly available. This means that anyone in the online community can customize the design if they want to add something to their personal elements. Although not absolutely necessary, you can easily install add-ons. Some plug-ins are included in the drawings. On the home page, you can see thousands of templates and change the theme anytime.

Open source and free

One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is its open source and free to use. You can use WordPress and all the free templates and set up your website in minutes. All you need to do is download the latest version to your system, choose a free theme, and set up your website in minutes. In addition, WordPress is constantly developing and improving as open source, you can also count on free updates. In fact, since its inception, there have been 32 different versions and significant changes. Today, the content management system is the fastest growing system, with over 500 million websites published everyday.

WordPress in your language

WordPress communities have been actively involved in translating the CMS into different languages. According to, WordPress has been fully translated into more than 60 languages. Although more than 70% of WordPress sites are written in English, the mission of WordPress translation is to democratize the publication: websites and blogs can be produced in many languages ​​and the platform becomes immediately relevant to an audience truly global.

HTML editing is not required

WordPress users do not need to use HTML software for editing. For example, Adobe Contribute or Adobe Dreamweaver. It’s like the stand-alone system, where anyone can add and configure blog posts, and upload documents, pictures, and videos using tools already available in WordPress.

WordPress as a blogging platform

WordPress is mainly used for blogs. This helps webmasters and web developers use the system to get external links. This means that this open source feature can have a significant impact on website improvement. Today, this is the best web content solution for blogs and has evolved into a complete content management system that supports many types of websites. In addition, the blog page can be used for business reports, corporate websites, job sites, ads, ads, and more. The options are unlimited with WordPress.

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Have multiple users

If you’re the manager of your own WordPress site, you can design multiple users. These users are under your direct control, and you are the only ones who decide on performance and access.

Save money

You save money because you do not have to send any important changes in your text to your own designer or even ask your designer to add additional pages. WordPress makes the changes itself, if you wish, and you can save the amount you pay your own designer for other important tasks. The times are tough and organizing the content of your own website is a great way to cut costs.

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User friendly search engine

Because of your idea of ​​publishing content more frequently, the frequency of your posts attracts Google’s bots and some other search engines that are similar to magnets. Search engine spiders search your entire website daily for new content, additional pages, and indexable changes. Additional pages are indexed after an hour or minutes when you define new content to add.

Automated syndication

Blog posts can automatically be converted to RSS feeds and summarized in blog directories and other websites. The natural function of blogs is easy to use in WordPress because it is an original blogging platform. Key features like comments and RSS feeds are easy to set up. A positive result, it increases the number of your contacts and makes your website more dynamic and interactive.

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Free ready-to-use themes

WordPress offers designs for your blog site. The topics were created by creative and highly qualified programmers. They offer wonderful features that will appeal to the blog owner. Some topics are free, while others can be purchased for a small amount. A WordPress blog owner can change the design of his blog site as often as he likes. It is very easy and very convenient to change the themes of a blog site, as is possible with a simple mouse click.

Widgets and plugins

Customizing the look and feel of a WordPress blog site is appreciated by many blog owners. The popular blogging platform offers bloggers many plug-ins and widgets. Widgets and plugins are very useful for bloggers and can make the blog site more attractive and functional. These are also free.


Although WordPress has long been regarded as a blogging platform, it has been used to create all types of websites. For this to happen, it is not only important to have the content, but also the form in which it is published. WordPress has been designed to be fully customizable and hosted as an open source project in posts – kernels, plugins and themes. This allows it to be flexibly adapted to different requirements. This is one of the main reasons why the platform has become popular. Therefore, it is ideal for beginners who want to create their own blog.

SEO friendly

The good news is that WordPress makes it easy to optimize your website and thus better value your website. According to Google, WordPress is 99% compatible with search engines. This means that the chances of your website being rated higher will increase as long as it is based on a WordPress platform. In addition, you can install SEO plug-ins on your website. With these plugins you should be able to reduce the load time of each page, make sure your content (text and visual) is optimized for SEO, and you can easily create an XML sitemap to improve the user experience.

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Extended functionality

The fact is, WordPress offers advanced features and its adaptability is second to none. In WordPress, you can schedule your posts so that articles in your blog are published on time, even if you have to leave the city. In addition, in WordPress you can choose from the various themes and templates available and select the features you want and the features you want. In addition, this platform offers you a competitive advantage over your competitors by offering various tools to optimize your various online marketing campaigns. For example, you can install plugins on your WordPress site to provide a detailed analysis and optimize your marketing campaign to make your most important demographic data more effective for newbies.

Create any website

It does not matter if you want to develop an advanced WordPress management system or create an online website for your food distribution company. In fact, WordPress is very adaptable and contains thousands of themes (premium and free) that you can use to set up your website. You can use plugins on your WordPress site to create a booking page for your customers and even integrate Google Maps into your website, so your customers can track their orders in real time. You can even create a member site and much more. In terms of WordPress, there is no limit to the type of site you can develop that WordPress uses as the base platform.


Today WordPress is used for all kinds of imaginable websites. Whether you need an e-commerce site, a portfolio of photos, or a simple blog, WordPress can manage it. Better still, according to Google, WordPress shows an SEO rate of 99%. It owes this score to its sophisticated structure, which facilitates the analysis of search engines. WordPress loads relatively quickly, adheres to rigorous coding and UX standards, simplifies image optimization, and includes tools to simplify social media integration and generate Sitemaps. It also offers a variety of SEO plug-ins that allow website owners to create even more powerful pages and content. These features work with all types of websites that you can create.

Community support

There are plenty of resources available on the Web if you’re stuck at one point or do not know where to start. Official resources include official support forums and the WordPress Codex, a wiki created by WordPress developers that provides users at all levels with information, from process instructions to coding. The website also offers tutorials and can be updated by any registered user. There are also a number of blogs, Facebook pages and even YouTube channels to guide users. Whatever your support, you will surely find help when you need it most.

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WordPress is great, I can say that as someone who has already tested many opensource CMS such as Joomla or Typo3. I have been using it for many years for my own design portfolio and customer orders. Good post, keep it up.