About Us

motosha stands for "moments to share" this means that we share our moments that we have captured with the camera with the world or, more precisely, with you! Many of the images and graphics on motosha are free, but we have to charge a license fee for some images, as the server, camera equipment and many other things unfortunately cost a lot of time and money. We do Motosha because we love taking photos and creating images of all kinds. Since the last update of our website it has also become possible that other artists selected by us who share our passion can offer their works on our website.

In addition, after the last update we decided to separate the interesting articles from the stock photo area and set up a separate blog for this under the subdomain blog.motosha.com.

That's why stock photos are such a great addition to any website.

Who doesn't know it, you write a new blog or news article and now you need pictures to enhance the article or as a good example.

Sometimes you can use your own pictures, but you don't always have suitable photos of all places, things and people.

That's where stock photos come into play

Such pictures are an excellent supplement for everyday work. Whether you're writing a new social media post and need an eye-catcher, or you're writing a travelogue and don't have a photo of the city's landmark, stock photos can help.

Motosha.com is a site where you can get stock photos, both free and premium images.